Old school…Can you handle it?

18 Jun


A little analogy.

26 May

I’m just like my car, takes me awhile to warm up. =)

“Fan Girl”

24 May

Oops I did it again.

23 May

Here’s a little video I made from the clinic.

Too bad the Z’s debut came to an abrupt end when the spindle broke again. What did I do? I was trying to do a donut, was going around in a circle…once I clutch kicked I heard something SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP!  It was game over. What a disappointment! I guess replacing that never came into mind…thought it was fixed lol. Luckily I was able to drive Project student drifter for a bit and my buddy Andrew let me drive his car. Was able to do a couple of drifts and get the feel of it. Can’t wait to drive again.

Anyway just ordered some new rims for the car. My first set of rims are the Advan SA3. I had a lot of pride in owning them til I destroyed one at Star Speedway. Since then I’ve only had 2 on and haven’t put any thought into fixing the other one. They’re still classic and unique in my eye and I don’t think I’ll ever let them go. So in my search on finding new yet affordable ones, I came across a few that were appealing. I came across some old school JDM intercast wheels. Placed the order right off the bat and turned out that they had already been sold but people didn’t update their website. You could say that was pretty disappointing. There was nothing I could do so I kept searching. Options included Work Rezax, Varrstoen, Rota Torque, and I looked at XXR’s. I wanted to stay away from XXR’s because I didn’t want what is had…if you know what I’m saying. I’ve always been about wanting and looking different. Wanted the rezax’s BUT…ended up going for the XXR 521’s because it was more affordable and wise. 500 compared to 1400. Not really my time to be spending money like that with school and all.

They look like this but I got flat black instead of gloss black.

Not overly excited about the purchase but it will do for the year. I just want to have fun. Next event June 11. Be there.


16 May

List of things to get for the Z

20 Apr

RJS Purple Racing Harness

Corbeau seat brackets

Quote on barrels


Half Cage

Motor in progress

Killing Me Softly

15 Apr